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I recently purchased a 2017 Macan S and noticed cross-drilled rotors both at the front and rear. Initially, I assumed they were ordered that way by the previous owner. However, upon further inspection, I couldn't find any such option in the Porsche Macan S brochure. I might have overlooked something, so I would appreciate your advice.

Considering that aftermarket rotors can sometimes cause vibrations, I'm now contemplating if this might be the issue. I've been experiencing some unidentified vibrations while cruising between 100 to 140 km/h, and I'm exploring all possibilities to pinpoint the cause.

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I wouldn't have thought the vibrations, are caused by the discs while travelling at unbraked speeds. They would show problems when the foot brake is applied, if the discs are warped. It sounds like there is a problem somewhre else.
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unless the disc have not been fitted correctly, ie the hub not cleaned correctly.
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