PCM 3.1 no longer working..

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Hoping someone could shed some light or recommend a PCM3.1 repair specialist in the North West (Manchester area).

Sat Nav/Mapping operation is no longer working, it just constantly says “loading”. Followed by its own reboot..

I have tried the factory reboot, but to no avail…
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What you are experiencing is a common issue thanks to Porsches rubbish electronics implementation.

Do you have a valid preloaded data SIM installed in the car?

Also do you have a MyPorsche Subscription to the online services?

If you do and are in a good signal location then the PCM may need a Patch applying to it.

My 2016 Macan had a patch applied last year to solve the problem.


It did not work very well and the OPC had to leave it connected to their local WiFi to be able to update the Maps, I had asked them to look at it when the car was in for its MOT and had negotiated a fixed fee for the work £100, but I bet it took them a good few hours of labour to get it sorted.

Try connecting the car to your home WiFi and see if that works.

It is unlikely that a local Indy will have the patch but worth a try, ring Harte h in Bolton, I cannot vouch for them as I just found them via a Google search.

Good luck and do come back to let us know the outcome!
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If you are on the original hard drive on a 2015 car this is likely the first sign of the HDD dying. Before it does, do a clone of the HDD to an SSD. If you still get errors after, update the firmware to the latest if its not, maybe a reset or two after and it will sort itself out. It's mostly down to bad blocks on the slowly failing HDD.

I've been through it recently with ours. It's not that hard to do. If you were local I'd help. Hardest bit is getting the nerve to remove the trims to get the head unit out.
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Appreciate your comments;

No original SIM Insertion, and no subscription currently exists supporting the unit.

Would it be worth ordering the updated software? I’ve seen it on eBay?

Not sure how to clone as per response… hoping “google “ will shed some light..
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You could try and contact a Ryan at NortEastVAG adaptions

He knows his Porsche / audit / VAG group stuff and could maybe help point you in the right direction for a fix.

He supplies Map updates as well if required - got my Wife's Macan's Map updated via him and quick and easy as well as being good value?

His website / contact details are : www.northeastvagadaptions.co.uk

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