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Post by crockers »

Hope this is a company lease.

If I was buying this I’d want to see my car do not black black and black.

Rather than add the passenger display I’d put that money into either rear wheel steering or a HUD.

But I’m still trying to fathom £104k on an EV

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Post by gasgas1 »

i would keep the Currently have a Macan S in Crayon. as it can do more than 70 mph :lol:
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Post by Monaco2323 »


Tracky wrote: Tue Jul 09, 2024 4:51 am At least the black hides the ugly shape

You’ve chosen an upgraded style of wheel and then completely lost the style and size by painting them black !

You’ve missed out the tinted front lights to make it even blacker.

Not surprised you are getting it so quick, barely anybody else is mad enough to buy one !

Other than that, welcome !
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Post by Moriarty »

It looks nice to me. I have volcano grey and it always looks dirty too - I think any of the darker colours show dirt so I’m not sure black is really any worse. I’ve just embraced the idea of my SUV looking muddy most of the time and it doesn’t bother me. The interior is where I sit and that’s lovely.

Unlike others I don’t mind the black wheels on your car, but I notice you’re spending nearly £4,000 extra on the wheels and there are other things I would use that money for. But if the look of your exterior is worth it to you then go for it.

I wonder how much effect on the range switching from EV wheels to those Spyder wheels will have. I don’t know, and I’m not a fan of the EV wheel look, but I assume they are like that for a reason. Would be interesting to know in advance, if the sales rep has the information.

I’m not sure how I would spec the car differently and there’s nothing else I would feel especially strongly about. I would add the heated steering wheel and seat ventilation (probably with the massage function for my wife) - the heated wheel and seat cooling are nice and I’m surprised how often I use them. I like my acoustic glass too as it makes the car very quiet and refined inside - it’s quite a noticeable effect. I’d probably get adaptive cruise control, though I don’t use it a great deal. The rear axle steering is tempting too. But these all cost money and I don’t think any are essential. I would personally have chosen these things instead of the painted Spyder wheels, but I care more about comfort than exterior looks. If these don’t sound more tempting to you than your wheels then you’ve made the right trade-off. Glad you chose the 360 degree camera - that’s a must-have option in my opinion, and always the first option I tick on cars.

Anyway, it’s a nice spec and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you have the car and have driven it a bit. I think with a company lease scheme the Macan EV will be a more suitable choice than the Taycan for most people.
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