Air suspension slumped at front overnight

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2016 Macan Diesel has air suspension that slumps at the front overnight, both wheels. Compressor kicks in once door is opened without the need for the key to be in the ignition and suspension returns to original height . . . only to slump again the next evening.
No warning lights showing. Vehicle covers small amount of miles each week.
OPC dealership having difficulty locating the problem.
Is it safe to drive if issue cannot be detected ?

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Nuclear Nick
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Yes, until the car tells you otherwise.

Is there any kind of warranty on this car? If so try another OPC and if you can, leave it with them until they find the problem. Or try an independent specialist.

If it's both wheels it's not the air bags so potentially a leak further back in the system so may require more determined tracing.

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The compressor kicks in without the key when you get out of the car, this is normal, it is self levelling.

The front “slumping” is not and as Nick suggests take it to a different OPC.

If you have recently bought the car take it back to the dealer.
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My guess would be the drain valve for the front axle has an issue, not sure how it works exactly but it may be built into the compressor
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Post by Spicky »

Hi Stox,

Please see some of my old posts, my SD had major issues with air suspension after 6 years, needed 2 new front struts and then a new compressor followed by many trips to garage, it kept showing yellow warning errors, which no one [not even OPC] could resolve, in the end the independent fixing it bought the car off me, luckily at a good price due to covid times. Your issue sounds more like a leak in the system somewhere, good luck with the fix
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My experience from my Disco days was if the car “slumped” overnight at one end it was a valve block that distributes air from the pump to those 2 air struts that was leaking. I’ve no idea whether the Macan uses valve blocks in it’s system though 🤔
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I raised a thread on the same issue I had back in May see similar issues below.
Mine was resolved at my OPC by replacing the air suspension compressor, relay and fuse.
Gas was added to the system and calibrated, left overnight and the following morning all height level checked ok and no leakage found.
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