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Post by penport » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:01 pm

Just had my oil seepage issue sorted out by Porsche Silverstone.
2017 GTS (MY18) 37K miles.
I must say they were excellent in all respects regarding the work (done under warranty thank goodness) that took just over a week.
Both timing chain cover and cambelt covers were leaking due to sheared bolts.
They kindly took photos.
Interestingly they've done so many of these now that they have become proficient at an approach from the front rather than dropping the whole engine.
Apparently would have been £8-9K without a warranty :shock:









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Post by Zoto » Mon Jan 10, 2022 8:42 am

Thanks for the post and the brilliant photos!

I've got an oil leak and the car's (2016 Macan S with 43,000 km) booked in to a Porsche Centre here in Australia later this month - car has Porsche extended warranty.

Previously (2019) one bank TCC bolts (2 off) replaced (previous owner) and then the other bank (2021 since I purchased) bolts replaced. Both repairs were done with engine in car and only 2 bolts changed - I assume its the two smaller bolts near the top of the cover. I was told today by the service guy that no new gasket nor other bolts replaced - I've asked him to double check that that was the case, as I'm not sure how they could remove the bolt stub without taking the cover off? Also I've done a bit of work on cars over the years and from my experience such a leak (i assume its gasket weep/leak due to loss of clamping force and not via bolt hole) will never be fixed without complete new gasket and alloy bolt set.

Your photo's clearly show the complete TCC removed and new gasket material applied.

Not sure if my leak is due to TCC again, but trying to get my ducks in a row so being ready to understand/review the dealers proposed fix. Also from what I've managed to ascertain, Porsche here seem to indicate that no long term fix is available. That is, these bolts shearing will keep on happenening!?

To assist me with my discussions with the local dealer/Porsche Australia I would greatly appreciate any comments/feedback on the following questions

1. Has anyone had TCC oil leaks after being repaired?

2. Is there a definitive reason for the bolt failure? And is it always the same bolts? I read somewhere it was due to these two bolts being over torqued at the engine assembly stage - is this true? Or is the failure due to another reason. With your photos it seems these are smaller diameter than other cover bolts and located near the valve cover section.

4. Is there a later TSB on the TCC issue than the October 2020 document - 2000.1?

5. This TSB refers to the following on the first page ".....entire timing chain cover resealed per the WM instructions." If anyone has this WM (work method?) instruction can you please post.


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