Complete electronics meltdown!!

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It’s the speed sensor. It happened to me whilst 200miles from home dropping someone off at Heathrow on a Saturday afternoon.not a great feeling as steering/braking was a bit of an issue Recovered to local OPC given a hire car to get home straight away as OPC closed. Macan fixed under warranty with all four sensors replaced albeit fault found on just one. My Macan delivered to home by recovery when work complete on a low loader and hire car collected. That’s what the warranty is all about for me total cost about £1200 due to timing and location of were I was and the need to get home. Charge to me nothing. car back within 4 days and use of a BMW. 3 series as a hire car. (The OPC would have charged £520 for replacements if it was a drive in if you had no warranty )

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Had similar issues last year, eventually diagnosed as due to rear water ingress affecting the electrics. Quite alarming when it happens on a motorway as it did to me!


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It was speed sensors on mine.

If the car won't go restart and slip it into drive before the warnings have time to act, saved me a couple of times when i was 200 miles from home.
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So finally had the RAC pick it up and take it to my nearest dealer. Quote to replace the 4 x sensors, which includes the diagnostic check - £644......!!

Of course, they could still find it is something else causing the issue!!
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Goodness me I thought the cost was closer to £250! £644 for 4 sensors where each sensor costs £26, so more than £500 for labour...
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You really would think that Porsche engineers might have sorted the software so that something as simple as a failed speed sensor wouldn't cause such a magnitude of ominous warnings.
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Picked the Macan up this afternoon, so on the plus side it was done within 24 hours...............on the downside £644 out of pocket but hey ho, I still love the car so don't begrudge the cost too much. That said, it does seem to be running beautifully.

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O MY GOD £644 !! I bought 4 OEM Sensors from porsche, cost £168 and i fitted all 4 in 1hr, in terms of hardness to fit there like 1/10 bud.. its just one bolt on the back of the hub that holds them in... looks like porsche charged you over £500 to fit them, as they will have got the sensors for peanuts 🥜
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