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Your quote includes insurance premium tax as well as any optional extras you've chosen.

Top left Corner Top right Corner

This year's total price


Bottom left corner Bottom right corner

Top border image
Left border image

Last year's total price

If you made any changes to your policy this is the price you would have paid for the whole year. £642.28
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Just got my renewal from LV, didn't think it was too bad a rise, 2015 Macan S.

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Post by Plyphon »

Id be very happy with that. Mine went from £900 to £1700.
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Post by Simonsti »

Just insured my 2023 GTS for £560 which I didn't think was too bad.
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Post by SAC1 »

So many variables affect the premium you pay.

My 2020 GTS increased by 66% on the LV+ renewal quote, but eventually haggeled down to +47% with LV+ versus last year with no changes from 2nd June. No other insurere came close for cover and the Excess amount.

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Post by GTB »

Renewal came thru from Admiral this morning, I have multi cover so Platinum cover for buildings and contents, another car a Kia CeeD and the Macan GTS.
Overall cost increase was 25% across the lot, cars % increase larger and house insurance was a 19% increase.

Quick phone call to ask how they arrived at that figure? no claims etc in previous twelve months, no changes to drivers, no points, endorsements etc so how the increase, mentioned I was going to leave!! whats the point in having multi cover when you then just fire up increases when they insure the lot?
Also as much as I would love to I cant charge my clients a 20% increase and such like every year, so please justify your calculations.

Call agent said let me have a look and see what they can do.

Four minutes on hold and she came back, she had a look at the "System" and she can apply a discount to everything, meaning overall muti cover policy increased by 2.25%. Result and I can live with that so Macan went from £660.26 to £676.77.

What really annoys me is why do they just not do that increase on the original premium renewal, instead of wasting my time and that of their service agent on a Saturday afternoon, or is it everyone else just accepts what is sent thru.

Anyway, will renew on that reviewed offer which has just been emailed thru to me, so fifteen minutes on phone total to get a reduction.

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Post by bennachie »

House insurance increased by 60%. Why?
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House insurance decreased 10%. Why?
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Why indeed.................
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bennachie wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2024 11:15 am Why indeed.................
House insurance increases 50%.- go on compare the market - insurance decreases 20%
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