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Post by Marc5555 »

Hey all, hoping for some advice as I seek a new car to replace my Audi TTS which I've had for the past 7 years. Originally was looking at an Audi RS Q3 or perhaps the SQ8 or RSQ8 (all sportback), but feeling a change of manufacturer and considering the Macan S or Macan GTS.

However with the new EV Macan out (sadly not suitable as nowhere to charge), and the interior feeling a bit 'in the past' compared to the Audi or the new Cayenne, I'm unsure.

Have always liked the look of the Macan, especially in Crayon - even though I vowed to never get a white/grey/black car. The things that are drawing me to the Macan is the possibility of a comfier and quieter cabin (Air Suspension + Acoustic Glass) when driving normally yet still the thrill/speed when desired.

6 month old ex-demo cars with 6k-ish miles are practically the same price as buying new, so likely going down the route of a new one.
I test drove a Macan GTS and it felt a great place to be, but couldn't help but feel it's lacking in tech compared to my 7 year old Audi, let alone the newest ones available. The manual speedometer I felt was useless with 25mph, 50mph and 75mph markers. So you end up looking at the small alarm clock-esq speed reading at the bottom of the middle dial. The surround view camera was pretty low quality too but not important.

The salesperson suggested I looked at the Cayenne as the interior has just been revamped and I definitely got more of a wow-factor sitting in that in the showroom. My gut says the Macan is a better size for us compared to the Cayenne. If the new Macan 4 came with an ICE then I'd have ordered it there and then.

I'm torn. Ordering a new Macan S/GTS and then in a few months time seeing the Macan 4 EVs on the road I think could make the car seem old.
Has anyone here considered the refreshed Cayenne over the Macan for the interior tech advances?
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Post by Neil1911 »

No, Cayenne to big and unwieldy for me, had one for a day and felt like a lorry driver, as for tech, couldn't give a damn, I bought the Macan for how it goes but not got your car history so never bought into that aspect. You pays your money and takes your choice..... good luck and welcome to the forum!, a Dolomite Silver S, collected from Stockport OPC on Valentine's Day 2023, after a 399 day wait.
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Post by Iceicebaby »

I like yourself have been looking for a used, nearly new GTS. The Porsche website is great, going into the configurator tells you how much the car was new ( although keep in mind the base price should be £71 700 and not £73 400…although this will be negated by around £1000 if you go Crayon, Carmine or Python as the price of these paints have come down in the updated configurator, or confuserator as some like to call it😆) so you get an idea of the saving you can make against brand new. Also worth remembering the VED on a new car adds £2600 on to the price, so an extra £2000 compared to a used or pre registered. Good luck on the search.
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Post by gasgas1 »

plus one for Neil1911 comments
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Post by Col Lamb »

“Lacking in Tech”, that depends upon what Tech is important!

All Macan’s are based on a model that has been out for over 10 years.

It is a Porsche so if your idea of Tech is Infotainment and its integration you are looking at the wrong manufacturer.

If Tech, is Driver Tech then that is totally different and a Macan is still the best All Rounder in its size class, yes the engine could do with a 100 horses more as standard in both the S and GTS but neither is a slouch as they already stand.

One final thing any Porsche goes from 60 to 0 in 1/2 the time it takes to get there, and so it is a rock steady safe motor when it needs to be.
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Post by MooseMiller »

Yep, sorry... If you want tech buy a Toyota or similar. Go for a test drive and you will feel the driver experience that you won't get with most brands.
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Post by MikeM »

Marc5555 wrote: Mon Apr 01, 2024 4:25 pm Has anyone here considered the refreshed Cayenne over the Macan for the interior tech advances?
Yes, I had one on order before they were released, once the demo’s arrived I test drove it and was given one for a day. It was the three litre version and although very nice to be inside, it was just not at all engaging or much fun to drive when compared to either of my Macan’s. I cancelled the order and have gone for my third Macan.
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Post by Scooby_Doo »

MooseMiller wrote: Mon Apr 01, 2024 5:36 pm Yep, sorry... If you want tech buy a Toyota or similar. Go for a test drive and you will feel the driver experience that you won't get with most brands.
One of the things I really like about the Macan is the dash and switches, everything at your fingertips and directly in front of you. The speedo is a waste of time but I've got so used to just glancing down at the digital speedo to get an instant readout.
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Post by andreas »

I've had my Macan S for 6 years, after buying it new to my chosen spec. It's a lovely car to drive, and it's been reliable, but it's undoubtedly lacking in decent infotainment and integration. It's the only Porsche I've owned, and I had high hopes for a distinctively different dealer experience. Sadly, that hasn't happened, the OPCs I've experienced have been mediocre (they're not called "stealers" for no reason).

I had a Cayenne as a loan car at the end of last year and didn't like it - it's very big for everyday urban parking spaces, and some of the "assistance" features were annoying. I wouldn't ever consider buying one.

A new Audi would probably be something I'd consider very carefully. My wife has a 2021 TT and that's a lovely car.
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Post by Jon A »

Had a mates Cayenne for a few months last year while he was away and found it ok but very large, perfect if you need a large SUV. My Gen3 S was a nice car and drove well but lacked “modernity” in a lot of ways, something that is quite important to me.

In the time I had the Macan and now the 992, I have never actually launched them even once, so nowadays I prefer comfort, refinement and good tech. The Macan is definitely comfortable.
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