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Post by stallturn »

I have an 18 month old Macan Turbo - wonderful in every respect except that the main Bose speaker in the left front passenger door seems to have blown.
I noticed it about a month ago and its got steadily worse to the point of not being listenable to - vibration and severe distortion especially at lower frequencies.
I will try to book it in under warranty to get it replaced.
Assuming they will do it (should I do a recording, or just replicate it on the day?), is this simple job and how long will it take?
Anyone had a similar experience?

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Post by TheTraveller »

If it sounds bad all the time, that should be fine. But just in case, it wouldn’t cost anything to make a recording to give evidence to the fault. A case of belt and braces.
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Post by Percymon »

I would expect one visit to confirm the issue, then wait weeks for the part and a full day workshop visit to repair.
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Post by Tracky »

Had this on the 992

Warranty job - no issues.
On order

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Post by RGS »

I have similar problem with my drivers door speaker, it can't handle low frequencies. Popped into my local OPD and was informed that whole door card has to be removed to gain access to speaker. Porsche insist that all wiring and connections must be checked before replacing speaker, however they have placed an order for a new one as it's a known fault with Bose. All booked in under Warranty
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Post by Alfanut »

I’ve had a similar issue but unfortunately it’s intermittent. The OPC had a listen but could not repeat the fault. It’s interesting to know that’s this issue is not unheard off.
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Post by MartinB »

Percymon you don’t know how right you are.
Battery on my Macan isn’t charging properly. Confirmed by Porsche Assistance guy that a new battery is required, he confirmed this by email to OPC. First available appointment two weeks later. Two hours at OPC to confirm after many tests that what the Porsche Assistance guy said is correct . Yes it needs a new battery but can’t be fitted that day as its a four hour job and they need the car for a whole day.
At least they are coming to pick it up so I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies.
To diagnose a blown speaker they will have to listen to all of Beethovens symphonies so I’d allow a week.
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Post by MacaMart »

I have a similar problem with the front driver's side speaker on an 18 month old Macan S.
The distortion vibrations are intermittent but steadily becoming more frequent and pronounced.
I contacted Porsche to book the car in for investigation and they advised that there was a recall that involved resetting and balancing the speaker outputs on the sound system.
The recall was completed about 2 weeks ago but unfortunately it has not cured the problem and its getting worse, so I still need it sorting with Porsche under warranty!
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Is the Sub Woofer still located in the boot?

If it is then this handles the Low Frequencies, not the door mounted units.
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Post by andreas »

MartinB wrote: Mon May 30, 2022 5:31 pm Yes it needs a new battery but can’t be fitted that day as its a four hour job and they need the car for a whole day.
Four hours to fit a new battery? That's ridiculous.
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