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Post by Miopyk » Mon Jan 10, 2022 1:51 pm

Isleaiw wrote:
Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:06 pm
Miopyk wrote:
Sun Jan 09, 2022 8:13 pm
Isleaiw wrote:
Sun Jan 09, 2022 5:24 pm

I think the irony of the fact that you accuse him of being abrasive and lacking mental capacity, whilst being fairly abrasive and lacking the mental capacity to see it, is lost on you.

As I see it, he gave a differing view - being someone who had put his money where his mouth is. And he is met with others posting countless drivel because they do not agree with what he is saying.

He was toying with a Macan when I was, which I suspect was why he was here. And like many Tesla owners that I know, he is probably really glad he didnt but a noisy ICE car. Maybe when you have a Tesla you are confident enough in your own skin to not need a loud (in noise), loud in colour car with a posh badge.

I wouldnt know, I have an RS4. And a Mini. But I can see why people might want something different to what I drive. Or vote different to my political views. Or prefer different foods, or wines, or locations. We can all have our own views, and of course part of a forum is that you share them. I guess if you dont want someone to disagree with you, dont post your own.

And that I guess is the ultimate irony in your post...
I can understand why you would say that but when someone accuses me of scaremongering and posting dubious facts when I've done no such thing I'm going to stand up for myself and give as good as I get. His last response to me on this thread was actually pretty decent and I said as much whilst advising that he would find people far more appreciative of his comments if he didn't try to hammer his views into them.

As I've said previously we're all entitled to our opinions but unlike him I'm not going to tell you yours is wrong only that I see it from a different perspective.
Its a forum, everyone thinks the other view is wrong or they probably wouldnt respond. Pete struck me a guy who had made the leap and was providing some balance, and the place is worse without him.

I never found him abrasive but I do find I tend to only be abrasive to people that are abrasive to me, and the written word is so much easier to see as abrasive than being in the same room as someone saying the same words....

Now where is that model Y configurator ;)
That's a fair and balanced response and perhaps with hindsight I was a little harsh.

I suspect that as the electric car community grows there will be many more people on here that will be able to provide balanced and insightful views and opinions on their experience, Goron for example, and perhaps that will help us lesser mortals understand the benefits and risks more that we do now. If Peter chooses to return in the future I will do my best to bite my tongue (or fingers) and be somewhat more tolerant of his opinions in the hope that he is able to do the same.

I've been a member on here since I ordered my first Macan back in 2014 and have consistently found this place to be one of the fairest and friendliest forums to post in my experience, far more civilised than PH for example, so understand how people feel when members fall out. On that basis I'm going to stop posting on this thread any further to allow everyone else to continue the debate uninterrupted.
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Post by Wing Commander » Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:41 pm

“...one of the fairest and friendliest forums...”

I agree 100%.



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