Pleased with my cleaning efforts

Cleaning and detailing your Macan.
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When rinsing mine off I use rain water as it does not leave residue on paint when drying I use this in conjuction with an 18v power washer which has a filter to stop any foreign bodies being sucked up. The power washer is no where near as powerful as the mains powered ones but has varying levels of spray and patterns useful for body, wheels and under wheel arches.

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The Gtechniq when Pro applied used to have a 7 year warranty.

Doubt an OPC applied coating meets the same standard as a Pro will do but when it’s FOC no arguments there.

BTW, for rinsing I have a Race Tech water softener so no water spots and far safer than using rainwater whose pH is unknown.
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Looks great. My OPC applied Gtechniq free to my car too. Really pops when clean. I usually snowfoam the car. Rinse. Snowfoam again and rinse off with a microfiber mitt. Then I rinse again with a pH neutral water softener. Never yet seen a calcium spot.

Someone recommended a battery blower to finally dty it. Haven't gone that far.
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crockers wrote: Tue Nov 28, 2023 9:18 pm

Someone recommended a battery blower to finally dty it. Haven't gone that far.
I use my battery leaf blower to dry under the bonnet. Works well.
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